Osvaldo Valdes

Department: National Board

Personal Information:

Osvaldo Valdes is an open book with a keen interest in learning about different cultures, art, and mindsets. He channels this curiosity into having genuine conversations with the people he meets, always aiming to create a lasting bond with them. Osvaldo is an accounting and finance professional who also enjoys volunteering for non-profit organizations and community engagement programs. He loves entrepreneurship and you can often find him listening to small business podcasts, reading new books, or watching YouTube videos on the topic. Osvaldo has always served as an advocate for the Latinx community, a platform that he seeks to provide opportunities for progress.

Osvaldo is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent and was raised in South Florida before moving to the big apple several years back. The unique melting pot community in South Florida led to early life experiences seeing the Latinx community members in leadership positions which not only motivated him but also nurtured his interests in business and community. Osvaldo started his collegiate career at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign where he pledged for Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity (the first Latino fraternity) and received his accounting degree from Florida Atlantic University. He loves photography, traveling to new cities, and visiting museums.

Osvaldo recognizes the profoundly motivating impact that experiencing role models in leadership positions has on impressionable and/or established minds of similar cultural backgrounds. Several years back Osvaldo started “The Platform Latino” podcast after realizing that many people (including himself) could not quickly name more

than five successful Latinx role models but could easily name many from different
backgrounds. In his podcast he highlights and shares the stories of successful Latinx role models to show that the dream is possible. By bringing the success stories of Latinx individuals into the mainstream he aims to motivate his people to pursue their dreams.
Osvaldo is honored to being a board member and looks forward to representing Latinx Professionals as an advocate for those to achieve their professional goals and achieve equal representation. He will bring his unique experience to the organization and help accomplish the many goals and new plateaus we seek in its future.