Hernan Chiosso

Department: National Board

Personal Information:

Hernan Chiosso has a background in Advertising, Software Development and Human Resources, and has been leading international teams for the last 20 years, specializing in the areas of talent acquisition, workforce development, diversity and inclusion.

The son of a teacher, he inherited and also discovered his passion for talent development as a coach of a female softball team, back in his native Argentina. He realized that helping his players grow and perform gave him even more satisfaction than playing the sport himself.

Soon after, he was recruited to work as part of an outsourcing initiative for a small IT startup that was just being launched, based in Upstate NY, called ITX Corp. As part of that team, and leading the offshore operation, he grew the Argentina and Latam team from 3 to 100+ over the following 13 years, until his relocation to the US in 2012, when he became VP of Global Talent for his organization. He has been serving in the Board of ITX Corp for the past 20+ years.

Since his move to the US, he has grown to become involved in the community, getting certified as a foster parent and becoming an adoptive father, and pursuing various certifications in Diversity and Inclusion, and participating in his local school district’s Diversity Council.

He has acted as a mentor on local startup and hackathon events, as well as featuring as a speaker on various local and national events focused on HR topics.

Hernan is a passionate advocate of diversity in talent, leveraging data literacy and data science, in order to build more avenues for inclusion in the technology industry.

He lives in Upstate NY with his wife, son and dog.