Diana Kleps Perez

Department: National Board

Personal Information:

Diana is the Global Head of Business Development Operations at 33Floors, a consultancy practice focused on the delivery of best-in-class services while supporting Yardi Voyager Real Estate. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, she is bilingual English and Spanish, an outdoor enthusiast, and a working mother of two. 

Diana has over 18 years in the client experience sector and relationship management. Diana brings a wealth of knowledge gained through the constant delivery of exceptional services for domestic and international clients with a focus to increase business profitability and success. 

A leader of business development growth, sales strategies, and strategic execution plans. She possesses extensive comprehension and expertise spanning across multiple facets of the Technology Solutions world, PropTech and FinTech consulting sectors, Communication, and the Finance realm. Her skillsets in Negotiations, Global Brand Expansion & Development, Relationship Building & Insights, Inbound & Outbound Marketing, Team Leadership, Project Management & Performance Improvement allows Diana to draw on her extensive experience and background to consistently generate positive, tangible results for the clients and the organization. 

Prior to 33Floors, Diana garnered ample skills and knowledge while working for Fortune 500 companies such as Capital One, HSBC, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. She held multiple leadership roles, including Senior Managing Consultant – Strategy & Implementation, VP – Business Relationship Manager, and Assistant VP – Business Relationship Manager. An advocate for education, diversity & Inclusion, and social issues, Diana is a community activist and active volunteer. Diana has specific expertise analyzing and strategizing profit-generating initiatives, in-depth sales & development analysis, and evaluating processes geared towards building meaningful relationships and collaborations as well as building stronger, more resilient, and better-performing companies. 

Diana received her Bachelor of Business in Corporate Communications with a minor in Psychology from Baruch College. Diana has received several awards and recognitions for her work as it relates to Diversity & Inclusion. Enthusiastic and committed to recognizing next-level talent across a flurry of diverse backgrounds, Diana is a passionate leader, director, and adviser.